Welcome to Tspot2015!

Hi! Tspot is a spot where I can share my life with people who has similar struggles as me, topics in 2015, movies, books!, anything really,  and I would love to hear about your moments in your life too. I’m pretty weird, but it’s a good thing.  Well first I’m going to start off by explaining the name of my blog: T is the first letter of my name, spot is a cool word for blog, I guess, and I always thought 2015 would be my year.

Second, I’m not the best at blogging. I tried to do a blog of my favorite books before, but that never worked out. I do love writing fiction, but never finished a story. I have kept a diary before, so why not make a blog.

Here’s more about me: I’m an 18 year old girl who moved from the west to the east to the mid-west. Long story short is that I was raised in Bakersfield, California then moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Rock Island, Illinois for college( Now that I think of it that wasn’t any shorter). It would get more confusing if I wrote about where I lived before California; it’s so confusing that it confuses me too. So I won’t get in depth, but if want to know more you can just ask. My life pretty much turned upside down since the moment I got here. It’s just crazy! Moving by yourself to whole new state where you have zero family there when you never lived on your own before. It is crazy, but it’s worth it. I’ve been up and down, had my worst to best moments ever, and I’ve created a family of my own. It’s like I’m on this never ending roller coaster. The way I make it sound like sounds terrible. Like, if someone said this to me I would probably want the roller coaster to stop if I was in their shoes. Sometimes I do want it to stop because it’s been awhile now I haven’t seen my family, but I’m still happy where I am. I knew that if I stayed home after high school I wouldn’t be happy. A main problem for me is figuring out who I am. I know the person I want to be, but that’s not me. I would like it to be, and I guess I am making an effort to be that person because I’m here and I’m trying. Now that I think of it this exactly what I want. It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey. I never thought that was true until I was experiencing it and still am.

My dream career would be to teach abroad. I love traveling, helping others, and I plan to major in education (still not sure what I want to teach, yet). So it would be incredible to go out of the country and learn about it while helping students.

My favorite singers/bands: Kings of Leon, Hozier, Galantis, Birdy, anything that catches my ear

Favorite books: Birthmarked Series, Hunger Games Series, Divergent Series, Delirium Series, Everyday, The Fault in Our Stars, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, The Girl on the Train, Hopeless, and many more…

Remember: It’s the journey that matters. Make it count.

Love, T




2 thoughts on “Welcome to Tspot2015!

  1. scarlett1000 says:

    Hi T, you kindly commented on my blog and asked for feedback on yours, so here I am checking it out! Firstly, love the photo! Secondly, I love your honesty about yourself and your life. Oh to be 18 again! Believe me, you have plenty of time to figure it all out, but it’s good to start now. My advice…..read as much as you can!! But then I would say, as I am a book addict. Anyway I hope you follow your dreams. Best of luck.

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